Why Should I Invest in Solar Panels?

Increase Your Propertie'sValue

In the state of California, a 3.1 kilowatt (kW) system can add an average of $18,324 to the value of a medium sized home.  As the scale of your system increases, so does your home's value.  Not only do our Solar Panels increase your home's value, it also helps your house sell 20% faster than houses without Solar Panels.


Protect Yourself from Your Utilities Increasing Rates

California has the Second highest Electricity rate in the United States.  Electricity bills rise up about 2% annually and are expected to increase again this year.  Instead of drawing your home's energy from the power company, you'll be drawing energy from the sun via Solar Panels.  Our Solar Panels have a lifespan of up to 25 years therefore saving you lots of money.  By going Solar you are completely getting rid of your utilities bill!


Reduce Your Carbon Foot

The power supplied by your system reduces the amount your home has to rely on conventional utilities, which burn polluting fossil fuels to generate electricity. Every kilowatt installed lowers your home's carbon footprint by over 3,000 pounds annually.